Another thought on the tipping thing.

Over the summer, I worked at a small restaurant that served food and ice cream. We would get a lot of ice cream orders near the end of the day, but sometimes it would be a quiet night.

On one such occasion, a couple came in for ice cream. I helped my coworker make the sundaes (work is actually involved for those sorts of things) and when it was time to pay, the guy made it evident that he wasn’t leaving a tip.

First, he wrote three zeroes in the area where it says “tip”. Then, he crossed a line through them. After reviewing the receipt, my coworker was confused. Hadn’t she been nice to them? Hadn’t we gotten their order out in a reasonable time?

It wasn’t even so much that he didn’t leave anything but the fact he had to drive it home in such a way that it’s almost as if he was taunting us, “Haha, those stupid servers! I’ll show them!”

Folks, I want you to understand something. Being an asshole to your server is at the very bottom of the barrel of what it means to be a human being. If you have money to eat, you can spare a dollar or two at the expense of those who work hard to ensure you get your food.

That being said, do not go into a restaurant, order $50 worth of food, and leave a two dollar tip. That is tacky and beyond rude. Do you know what you’re saying when you do something of that nature? You are not only disrespectful of the server who waited on you, despite that person having other tables to check in on. You are also saying that you show little to no regard for the food itself, where it came from, and how it was prepared. Kitchen staff get paid a little more than servers but we also take the brunt of it from head chefs.

Here’s a fun story: back in my earlier twenties, I worked briefly at a breakfast place in a small tourist town. Every day was like walking into field laden with land mines. The head chef was nearly tyrannical. If food wasn’t being picked up by the servers, we would get yelled at. If we weren’t moving fast enough, we would get yelled at. If for some ungodly reason the food was returned, we would get yelled at. In return, the servers were so heavily burdened that food would get cold sometimes because they wouldn’t be able to hear their buzzers indicating that their order was ready. I eventually quit because the stress would make me physically ill.

So keep that in mind when you’re considering pulling a fast one over your server. When you fuck around with tipping, you’re not only shafting a person out of their way of living (some of us really do depend on tips so we can put gas in our car or save up for a trip or pay rent), you also are waving a big middle finger to the establishment itself.


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I feel this needs to be on every menu board at every coffee shop and printed on every menu at every restaurant. A lady yelled at me for 5 minutes once because we ran out of large size cups and she couldn’t get…

Baby boomers are the worst at this, because they see “minimum wage” workers as somehow less human, and therefore, it’s perfectly fine to deny them basic courtesy.

It extends to those outside of baby boomers as well, I can’t begin to go into the depth of what I’ve seen and read concerning the bump in pay for those who work at what others consider jobs that are of minimum skill.

From my own experiences with working in food service/with the public, it’s taxing whenever someone argues they don’t have to tip or that those of us making below a certain dollar amount deserve the crap that’s dumped on us.

Being a barista was one of those things where you really see how people view your services as somehow less deserving of an acknowledgement. Not all customers are rude trolls, but a good amount are. I could write a book about the people that refused to tip or say thank you or treated me as though I was of an entirely different species.

Though the moment that comes to mind whenever the topic of classism doesn’t play into how others view those in “lesser” positions is the time I worked in retail and was a dressing room attendant. Part of the task involved asking the customer how many items they had so that I could give them a door tag with the appropriate amount. This one woman, who shouldn’t even have been shopping at the store since it’s a store specifically marketed to teens-women in their late 20’s/early 30’s (and she did not meet that demographic AT ALL), when asked “how many items do you have?” looked at me as though a piece of undesirable garbage and snorted, “It’s not MY job to count, that’s YOUR job.”

That’s the reason why whenever I go into any shop or restaurant, I’m nice to the people there. Heck, even at Starbucks when they ask for my name, I’ll joke with them about it and if I have any cash on me, I put in the tip jar. I always try to do at least 20% if I’m out to eat because I get it - it’s not easy work and not everyone is going to treat you with kindness. If I can brighten someone’s day by making their lives easier or giving them an extra dollar or two (because let’s be honest, waitressing/being a barista doesn’t pay all too much), then I feel I’ve left a good imprint. I was having a conversation with a lady that owns a pop up store, and she made a great point - in today’s world, people have to be a little kinder. It doesn’t hurt to show a genuine sincerity, you just have to find it within yourself to not treat people differently because they are working at a job that requires them to deal with all kinds of abuse. I’ve seen my favorite coworker cry because a table was being rude to her and it made me so angry that I wanted to throw hot bacon grease on them. I don’t understand that ideology of, “Hey! Let’s make our waitress so upset that she has to take a break and cry for five minutes because it’s not like she’s burned out from working a seven hour shift on a busy day!”

The bottom line is this: if you can afford to put gas in your car to drive to a store or a restaurant, if you can afford to buy a meal or clothing or what have you, then you can afford to tip that person or at the very least show them some basic human decency (if you’re at a store and not a coffee shop/restaurant).

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Instead of trying to get back into a state of relaxation, my brain is doing the following:
• reminding me I have orientation on Monday
• reminding me that soon I’m going to see Chris Thile on the two year anniversary of seeing Punch Brothers for the first time
• reminding me that fall is coming so I have to make a ton of sheep
• telling me I should check into getting a new phone or at least a new battery for my existing phone

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The worst feeling is when you’re secure in your dream state but suddenly your body decides to sabotage you by making you go to the bathroom and then you can never reclaim that sense of comfort you once had.

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Banjo Man by NestandBurrow on Etsy. 

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It’s 12 dollars but well worth it. Honestly, I have had some of the best sleep in a while when using this. Her other products (outside of the burn spray) I’ve yet to use but they all look fantastic. It’s about the same you’d pay at LUSH but you know where everything is coming from/where it’s sourced.

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technicolordreamgoat said: Does it say what scents it uses? (since I’m assuming it’s aromatherapy-related?) I’m just curious cause oooh my gosh could I use some of that.

It’s got lavender and sage, as well as mugwort and California poppy. :) the lavender scent is the strongest but you can definitely smell the undercurrents of the other ingredients. It’s kinda like laying in a field.

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For my followers who have trouble sleeping.

If you’re like me and it takes a while to get rested, I highly recommend “Dream Weaver” mist by Fat & the Moon. It’s made by this lady in California and she uses all natural ingredients - no chemicals whatsoever.

I’ve sprayed it on my pillow (this method works the best if you want instant sleep), but also around and over my pillow as well. If you want it to act faster, I suggest two sprays. Tonight I only did one and it’s starting to calm me down.

I find that it’s a good alternative to sleeping pills.

She has a store on Etsy, check it out:

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"Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes."

— Henry David Thoreau (via hqlines)
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Cobb salad crêpe for lunch. I’ll miss you, half off crêpes!

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