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please give me time to decipher the signs, please forgive me the time that I've wasted.⚓⚓⚓genine. 27. part time cook. maker of cute things. sheep enthusiast. an all around good person. Maine raised. I like mandolins, bluegrass, whiskey, the sea, and creating things with my hands. if you want more info on ordering a customized sheep/stuffed toy/bag/article of clothing send a message to me here or to my storenvy (eweniquecreations). let's be friends.

I still owe some of you playlists and I promise I’ll be getting them done.

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7 . 28   true detective 

Parked next to this beautiful Oldsmobile! What a gorgeous car. #oldsmobile #vintage

7 . 28   vintage    oldsmobile 

Sheep is done! Mom decided to name her Sofie because she’s soft.

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7 . 28 

kinda feel like doing a mandolin cover of pharell’s “happy”

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What a beauty. #minolta #camera #vintage

7 . 27   vintage    camera    minolta 

important life decision: do I take a gamble and eat my leftover Indian food right now?

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I’ve wanted a vintage camera for YEARS and upon cleaning out our closet, my dad found my mom’s Minolta.

7 . 27   it comes with a strap and pretty much all the parts are intact    it just needs a new case because the old one was beat up    but yay!!!! this is super exciting 

Still can’t really get over that I got to hear “Late July” and “Roll the Bones” live. Both of those songs are so strong on their own but hearing them live is just a treat.

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